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Abound Health provides a range of services to individuals of all ages with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. People are at the center of everything that we do. 

We are dedicated to supporting individuals with I/DD as well as their families and staff.

Abound, Formerly A Small Miracle, was created out of necessity more than 20 years ago when founders Janet and Rusty Presson grew tired of searching for quality services for their young son diagnosed with Autism. They decided to create a Company to provide that high quality care they were looking for themselves, and thus Abound was born. Much has changed in the past 20 years, but, most importantly, our mission has not. Abound remains a place that individuals and families with special needs turn to for high impact services and supports delivered in an environment dedicated to empowerment and care.

Abound has also been leading the way in the convergence of EHR technology and specialty care services. Our agency today is largely paperless, and completely data driven. We embrace the industry’s move towards national initiatives like EVV, HIE, and Value-Based, Integrated care.

Today, Abound Health provides a range of services for the I/DD population across the states of North Carolina, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We believe in person-centered care. The whole person. That requires commitment to have the best team supporting our clients and their families.


To provide tools and services people need to enhance their lives and the lives of others.


To enhance lives by empowering people to reach their potential.


To empower people.

Our Core Values

  • Us and We Versus I and Me
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Do the Right Thing Even if it is Hard
  • Celebrate What Makes Us Different
  • Never Stop Looking for a Better Way
  • Every Voice Matters
  • Work Hard in Silence, Let Your Successes Make the Noise

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