Uplifting News: Keeping it Cool in Shelby

Uplifting News: It’s no surprise that North Carolina heat during the Summer months can cause fatigue and major discomfort. Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to avoid high temperatures, creating further distress.

When Shelby Day Program Director Sylvia Bryant learned that her client Calvin did not have access to air conditioning at his residence, she decided to do something about it.

Sylvia rallied her local community and network, bringing awareness to Calvin’s situation. She was able to raise enough funds to purchase two air conditioning units for Calvin’s home, allowing him to be comfortable all day long.

At Abound Health, our team members always go above and beyond to improve the lives of those they serve. This uplifting news story is just one example of that. Thanks to Sylvia’s quick thinking and generous donations from the community, Calvin can now enjoy his summer without worry! Our team members are constantly looking for ways to help those in need, and we are so grateful to have them on our team. They are an inspiration to us all! Thanks again, Sylvia, for your selfless act of kindness!

Uplifting news story with woman standing with client
Individuals like Sylvia are why we do what we do. Her compassion and empathy make Abound a better place, exemplifying our core value of ‘Commitment to Excellence’.

Stay tuned for more uplifting news stories to come.