A Vibrant New Addition at Abound Health HQ

It’s been a year since Abound Health, a leading provider of services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) through the Innovations Waiver program, moved into our new headquarters. While the modern office space was a welcome upgrade, it lacked a certain warmth and personality. That is, until now.

A Masterpiece Comes to Life

Our headquarters has recently received a brilliant makeover with the addition of a stunning mural featuring some very special guests. The larger-than-life artwork depicts clients Charles, Joey, Julie, and DSP Cathy from the Idlewild Day Program serving individuals with disabilities, rendered in vivid colors and incredible detail.

This isn’t just any mural, though – it’s a masterpiece created by the exceptionally talented artist Dustin Moates. Their skill and vision have transformed a simple wall into a breathtaking celebration of the individuals we serve with IDD and our organization’s mission.

More Than Just Paint on a Wall

The new mural is much more than just paint on a wall. It’s a powerful representation of what makes Abound Health’s services for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities so special – the amazing clients and dedicated staff members who are at the heart of everything we do.

When you see the smiling faces of Charles, Joey, Julie, and Cathy, individuals served through the Innovations Waiver, larger than life, it’s impossible not to feel inspired by their joy and zest for life. This mural is a reminder that every day, we have the privilege of making a positive impact on wonderful people with disabilities.

A Must-See Attraction and a Warm Welcome

We encourage everyone – clients, staff members, families, and community partners in the IDD field – to come see this incredible new addition to our headquarters. Let the brilliant colors and meaningful imagery fill you with pride for being part of the Abound Health community serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The mural is located right inside our main entrance, so it will be one of the first things you see when you visit. Be sure to take a photo in front of it to commemorate the experience! This vibrant work of art is sure to brighten everyone’s day while honoring the diverse individuals with disabilities that we serve. It’s the perfect way to welcome you to our office and remind you of our mission.