Client Inspired Mural Turning Heads in Shelby

If walls could talk, our Shelby Day Program mural would have many things to say. This vibrant piece is located on the southern wall of our Day Program building, in the heart of downtown Shelby. The commission features lifelike portraits of clients that receive services inside the interior. It was inspired by the joy that we create within the walls of our Day Programs. 

 It is the handiwork of local artist Darrell Endicott, who has other visible works throughout the area. While completing the mural, Endicott even invited clients to assist him in painting so they could be immersed in the experience.  

Since its completion, the mural has garnered a lot of attention within the community. It even captured the eye of local WCNC reporters, who in turn highlighted it on their network. See the video below to view the whole story.  

Click here to view WCNC’s segment of our mural!

We hope that this mural will continue to educate and advocate for the treasured individuals that we serve.