Serving Up Joy: Connor’s Employment with Bitty and Beau’s Coffee Shop

Bitty and Beau’s, a coffee shop that employs individuals with disabilities, recently established their newest location in the Charlotte area. Founded in 2016 in Wilmington, this NC establishment has become famous for bridging the unemployment gap for those with I/DD.

Bitty and Beau’s then began actively interviewing those with I/DD in the community, including Connor Perkins, an Abound Health client. With the new location only minutes from our corporate office, it was only fitting that one of our own would soon become a member of the chain’s newest franchise.

Following Connor’s interview, he waited patiently to see if he would become part of the team. He was then invited to a surprise hiring party, where his employment was officially announced, along with others in the community.

The Bitty and Beau’s crew celebrated their newest team members in style, with a red-carpet experience with their family and friends present. Sir Purr, the official mascot of the Carolina Panthers, even made a guest appearance.

We look forward to seeing Connor’s progress as he settles into his new role!

To learn more about Bitty and Beau’s, including their advocacy for the I/DD community, click here.