Supported Employment: Bridging the I/DD Unemployment Gap

According to the United States Department of Labor, the unemployment rate for those with a disability is currently at 12.6%. This is roughly twice the rate of those with no disability.

Although fewer individuals with I/DD are in the labor force, they do experience job stability. Industry research suggests that many employed persons with I/DD end up staying with the same organization for many years. 

The economic downturn immediately following the introduction of the pandemic only made unemployment numbers increase, with 2021 seeing a seven year peak in unemployment rates for those with I/DD.

However, Abound Health has remained dedicated to bridging the gap, with many clients receiving employment via our Supported Employment Program.

One such client is Dustin, who now works for Advance Auto Parts in Gastonia. His manager Thomas had this to say about his work ethic: 

“I think Dustin is a great example of what this program is all about. He is a very hard worker, here every day he is supposed to be, and he is well liked by the team. I need more just like him!”