Abound Celebrates Disability Employment Awareness Month

Here at Abound, we work hard every day to help our clients achieve their goals. One of the most fulfilling moments for us is when we get to celebrate with a client who has landed a job in their community. That’s why we are so excited to celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month together!

Employment is more than just a paycheck; it’s also about gaining independence, feeling included in the community, and having a sense of purpose. Unfortunately, individuals with disabilities often face significant barriers to employment. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, the unemployment rate for people with disabilities is more than double that of people without disabilities.

Whether it’s helping someone find the right job fit or supporting them as they navigate the job market, we take joy in seeing our clients succeed. We know that employment can be a key factor in leading a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life—and we are honored to play a part in that journey.

To celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month, our team offered resources and panels to inform and celebrate the IDD workforce. We also sat down with one of our very own entrepreneurs as she shared her experience.

After graduating High School, 18 year-old Gabi Angelini was frustrated to learn that companies did not want to hire an individual with Down Syndrome. Out of necessity, Gabi and her mother Mary started a nonprofit company—Gabi’s Grounds. They worked hard to fulfill their original dream of opening a coffee shop that would not only serve great coffee, but that would serve the “special abilities” community by providing job opportunities. 

Now Gabi is a successful business owner, inspiring those across the country with her ambition and drive. Her two non-profits also employ over thirty individuals with disabilities in North Carolina.

At Abound, we see every client as an individual with their own unique set of skills, goals, and challenges. We tailor our services to meet each person where they are at and help them reach their full potential. It’s not just about getting our clients a job—it’s about helping them lead happy and fulfilling lives.

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Watch our exclusive interview with entrepreneur Gabi of Gabi’s Grounds.