The Power of Compassionate Care

For over twenty years, DSP Tina and client Mertle have been working together to help Mertle live a more independent life. Tina’s compassion, dedication and work ethic have allowed Mertle to grow exponentially and achieve things she never thought possible. This is a story about the power of compassionate care.

Diagnosed with IDD, Mertle has always needed extra support to live her best life. When she was first matched with Tina, they quickly created an inseparable bond. Over the years, Tina has helped Mertle grow in so many ways. She’s helped Mertle become more independent, learn new skills and make great strides in her personal development.

Tina has always gone above and beyond for Mertle. She’s always been there for her, whether it’s taking her to appointments or helping her with her daily tasks. Tina has always treated Mertle with respect and dignity, which has allowed Mertle to thrive. Because of Tina’s compassionate care, Mertle has been able to lead a more fulfilling life. She’s made great progress in her personal development and is now more confident than ever before. Thanks to Tina, Mertle is living her best life!

Compassionate care can make all the difference in someone’s life. It can help them feel respected, valued and supported. It can help them thrive in ways they never thought possible. At Abound Health, we are proud to provide compassionate care that helps our clients lead more independent lives.

Learn more about Tina and Mertle here.

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