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Specialized Consultative Services

Abound is committed to providing the full range of I/DD adult services.
Specialized Consultative Services

SCS provides expertise, assessment, support planning, training, and technical assistance in various specialty areas.
Family members, support staff and other natural supports are trained by a licensed professional to best support the client’s needs.
It is a consultative service designed to equip the client’s direct care team with the tools best support whole person care. While the clinician will have personal observation and interaction with the client, the interventions are provided by the direct care team.

What is required?
  • Service authorization. The treatment team works with the Care Manager to request the service authorization.
  • Participation and communication with client supports is essential to the success of the service. We rely on you for our information.
  • SCS services are data-driven. Data to be submitted monthly from each direct care service type.

Specialty areas

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