Advocacy – providing empathy, education, and empowerment to maximize the Abound Health service experience for all.

As we have evolved as an organization one thing has become clear, I/DD services can be very complex for everyone involved. From governmental red tape to complicated service rules and staff shortages there is no lack of stressful problems that individuals and families must navigate. Our advocacy department was created to support those we serve as they learn to find their voice, both inside and outside of our agency. Through our Speak Up program all clients and staff have an open channel directly to a team of professionals that are dedicated to resolving their issues and helping them reach their goals.

While our clinical services team is focused on providing quality services that meet the needs of each individual, our advocacy department can build a deeper bond. Not only by ensuring that satisfaction is high and issues get resolved, but also by providing education and support for long term life goals like employment, housing, and ABLE accounts.

Our advocacy also extends beyond our walls.  We frequently travel to state and local government venues to support initiatives that benefit the IDD community as a whole.  Our team has been featured on local television and newspaper outlets many times as we strive to improve the funding and opportunities for individuals, families, and staff in our industry.

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Educate/ Empower

  • Webinars/ Lunch & Learns
  • Educational Docu-Series
  • Self Advocacy
  • Stakeholder Socials
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Service Satisfaction

  • Surveys
  • Text, Calls, Emails
  • Client/ Family Advisory Boards
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Public Advocacy and Activism

  • Connecting with elected officials
  • Partnering with other Advocacy groups
  • Mobilizing families and other stakeholders

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