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Brandon is much more than an individual with autism. He’s a talented voice actor, entrepreneur, and puppeteer who uses his passion to bring joy and laughter to fans. Brandon emceed the 2023 Supported Employment Symposium, showcasing his confidence and versatility.

Beyond his impressive creativity, Brandon is also a passionate sports fan and athlete. He even fulfilled a lifelong dream by receiving a one-day contract with the Charlotte Hornets.

Brandon’s story defies stereotypes and celebrates the unique talents and abilities of individuals with autism. With determination and support, he has unlocked his full potential, inspiring others along the way.

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Brandon Shannon Entertainment

Follow Brandon’s inspiring journey on his YouTube channel, where you can see his creativity and passion in action.


Gavin is called the “Mayor of Abound”. He earned that title because of his tireless advocacy for staff and clients. He has no hesitation speaking his mind and will employ anyone to carry his campaign far and wide. Gavin continues to deliver papers to the animal shelter in Kinston and every week you can find Gavin assisting with prayer breakfast at his local church.  He is always willing to assist any way possible and has taken it upon himself to keep the laundry room neat and clean at the complex where he resides. Gavin has a huge heart and tries to befriend everyone. He cares and wants to see others succeed and have their needs met. If you have a need, he will do all he can to advocate for you. He loves to bowl and talk smack. He has strong family values and expects others to have the same. He is relentless in his advocacy and enjoys being involved in promoting progress and change. We are proud and thankful Gavin is part of the Abound family.

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When Gabi was 18 she started looking for jobs but no one would hire her. That’s when her mother decided it was time to start Gabi’s own business and Gabi’s Grounds was born. Today they employ 26 people with various abilities. They advocate for the value, inclusion, and acceptance of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Gabi’s Grounds is making the world a better place for children and others living with IDD. We are so proud of her and her positive impact in the community.

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